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Opposite Gender Meetup by KoopaKid17 Opposite Gender Meetup :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 8 0 Motivational Poster: DiC by KoopaKid17 Motivational Poster: DiC :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 46 40 Art Trade: Rocky Claus by KoopaKid17 Art Trade: Rocky Claus :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 8 2
The Brain Game: Chapter 5
"Dar he blows," Bully peered in from the hallway on King Koopa blowing his snout a second time. Having had so much on his mind, the mighty ruler yawned and stretched, giving a few quick yowls amidst his injuries. He prepared himself for a respite in Dreamland, hoping to forget about his Koopa Kids for a while.
"That wasn't pretty," Kootie Pie commented, "But at least we can Koop out of Daddykins' sight."
"Now to find da hangah," Bully suggested.
"It should be straight ahead," Kooky pointed down the corridor, "If the Doomship's still there, we might catch Cheatsy with some luck."
"I think we'll need..."
"A lot more luck than that," Hip and Hop reminded him.
"Remember, this is Cheatsy we're talking about," Big Mouth added, "So it doesn't matter what he's doing to the Doomship or your b-b-body, Kooky. Pops may hold you responsible because of the damage he's gonna do to b-b-b-both. I hope you have your last rites prepared just in case he-"
"Don't remind me!" Kooky griped, grabbing his head
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They're Still the Koopalings to Me
What's the matter with the things they're doing?
Can't you tell that they're evil deeds?
If you're siding with a big bad villain
Then you gotta follow his proceeds
Now, they've been hiding in their own dominions
When they came back, Nintendo went with new opinions
So Miyamoto's sayin' that they're just Bowser's minions
But they're still the Koopalings to me
What's the matter with the styles they were sporting?
Could you tell they were obsolete?
Should they vitalize the old nineties culture
When our lives back then were so sweet?
Of course in all the games, you face 'em in a battle
Read about 'em in the comics or the books with sightly prattle
In the cartoons, they're singin' tunes, drivin' Koopa towards the moon
They're still the Koopalings to me
Oh, doesn't matter all the times they even tried
'Cause they're always making us crack up
Well, their schemes can be so brilliant
You just hope they are resilient
And whenever they do act up
They'll pick themselves back up
Maybe they should ov
:iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 15 34
Collab Entry: Cat Kevin Koopa by KoopaKid17 Collab Entry: Cat Kevin Koopa :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 8 4
House of Hacks: Chapter 2
Chip and Sprinkles slipped through the gate and led the Koopalings, even Lemmy and Iggy, up the walk toward the mansion. The evening chill blew an hour early thanks to the late afternoon sun seeking refuge behind some gray clouds. The dead trees showed some signs of life, waving their branches to greet the first visitors on their property in nearly a century. Sprinkles climbed the rickety steps with her uneasy brother following close behind her. Now, only one barrier stood between the nine Koopas and a creepy adventure.
"Knock on the door, Sis," Chip recommended to his twin who then pounded four times.
"No one's home!" Lemmy exclaimed.
"Oh, that's too bad," Iggy shared his sentiments, "Let's catch some dinner at McBeefy's!"
"You're not going anyvere!" Ludwig pulled them back by the scruffs of their backs.
"This isn't going to be like those movies where the door opens by itself," Wendy implied, "Is it?"
"Nobody's answering the door," Larry shrugged, "Why don't you try the knob?"
:iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 1 3
House of Hacks: Prologue
Every house has its own history, no matter how big or how small. For inhabited homes, the accounts are the whole unvarnished truth but for deserted houses, rumors are spread from generation to generation. A haunted house, not like the kind you would find at an amusement park, may have enough of these stories to fill an entire library.
Near the outskirts of Ronkoopama, opposite those of Bowser's Castle, the old Kooperspoon mansion sat there, perched on top of its spooky hill swarmed by dead trees. It begged to have its particular legend told once more and two young Koopas could not wait to satisfy its promise. Chip and Sprinkles gripped their hands around the iron gates in awe and curiosity, gazing at the monstrous residence.
"Here's the place," Sprinkles motioned toward the house, standing alongside her twin with the both of them opposite the Koopalings, "1031 Shilling Drive. Former home of Joseph Kooperspoon."
"Former?" Morton shivered at the thought of that one simple word, "You mean
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Gift: Ciro's Got a Wand by KoopaKid17 Gift: Ciro's Got a Wand :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 9 2
The Brain Game: Chapter 4
The six Koopa Kids sat up on the mattress and faced their intimidating father. Just because he had been brutally beaten up by the Mario Bros. for the hundredth time did not mean they had every reason to be afraid. To his children, orders from an incapacitated Koopa struck more fear in their hearts due to his injuries delaying any potential disciplinary action.
"Heh-heh, oh, how are you doing, Kaddydins, uh, Daddykins?" Kooky giggled and strained into a falsetto. Kootie Pie glared at him while the other Koopa Kids smirked, trying their best to keep a straight face.
"I'm a little bit worse for the wear, my grisly grotesque little girl."
"Grotesque!" Kooky complained in his normal voice, "Well, I ne-" He quickly saved himself by clearing his throat, "I-ah-I mean, thanks!"
"Don't mind huh," Big Mouth attempted to imitate Bully's accent, "She's upset 'cuz huh wand bwoke."
Seeing his chance, Kooky knew exactly what to do.
"Daddy!" He cried out, shifting on all fours, "I wanna new wand RIGHT
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The Brain Game: Chapter 3
"Would it bother you, Kootie Pie, to wear sneakers once in a while?" An exasperated Kooky lamented on his bedroom floor. He and the rest of the siblings in the lab unanimously decided to investigate Cheatsy's disappearance. They knew with his slick and snide personality, Kooky's reputation was at risk with another Koopa Kid's brain in the driver's seat. Kooky just wished he could walk normally for the time being.
"Funny you should mention sneakers," Kootie Pie crouched down beside him, "Considering what one did to your body."
"Don't remind me," A distraught Kooky mumbled under his breath as he was being helped up by Bully and Kootie Pie, "I couldn't trust that chiseler Cheatsy even if my life depended on it."
Kooky hated talking about his favorite brother behind his back but the sudden turn of errors gave him no other choice. He was more enraged at Cheatsy for hoodwinking himself and his siblings than he was at Bully for causing his invention to backfire in their faces. He felt betraye
:iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 0 3
The Brain Game: Chapter 2
Kooky gazed over at the sizzling remnants of the Brain-O-Matic Duplicator, having little time to assess the impact of his own failed invention coupled with Bully's zealousness. He turned just in time to see Hip, or who he thought was Hip, stretching his arms. Kooky walked, or rather wobbled around in Kootie Pie's high heels, to where he lay before tripping and falling flat on his face with a yelp.
"Blech!" The petite Koopa Kid stuck his tongue out at Kooky, "This is the ugliest mirror I've ever seen!"
"Oh no," Kooky squeaked, looking up at Hip, or rather Kootie Pie in Hip's body, like he would if Mario was about to jump on his head.
"What-who are you!?" Kootie Pie demanded.
"Now, Kootie Pie," Kooky tried calming her down, "This is not what you think."
"Of course it isn't," Kootie Pie retorted, "There is no way another Koopa can be more stunningly beautiful than I!"
When Kootie Pie gestured to herself, she finally saw the black cuff around her wrist. She glanced back at Kooky, then look
:iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 1 11
The Brain Game: Chapter 1
"Oww, my aching whole body."
A battered and beaten King Koopa wept on his throne, each of his children doing their part in nursing him to health. Kooky wiped his snout with a washcloth and Cheatsy passed him a steak for his black eye. Bully iced a mammoth bruise on his shoulder and Big Mouth taped gauze on a crack in his shell using medical adhesive. Koopa's sobs turned to screams when the sting of rubbing alcohol shot from a scrape on his shin through his nervous system.
"Daddykins, hold still!" Kootie Pie ordered, "I swear, this first aid kit needs some sedatives."
"I'm sorry, Sweetums," Koopa sniffled, "That hurt Daddy more than defeat."
"And you say I'm the baby of the family," Kootie Pie wrapped gauze on the wound.
"I'll get those spaghetti suckers," He vowed, "If it's the last thing I do."
"If it is," Cheatsy cynically remarked, "That should make for an interesting eulogy."
"I'm going to be out of commission for a while," Koopa announced, "I have no choice but to leave the next e
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Dingo the Yoshi by KoopaKid17 Dingo the Yoshi :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 9 1
Cookie Capers: Chapter 6
Continuing their journey underground, Chip and Sprinkles found their passageway slanting upward. Leaving the grand chamber with the illuminated vines, they found themselves facing uncertainty through the darkness once more. They both wished the tunnel they took would at least be their way out because they were tired of walking so much.
"I hope we can get home soon," Chip turned to his sister, "My feet feel like they're on fire."
"I just want to get out of this cave," She agreed with him, "Hopefully we'll see daylight at least."
At last, the twins could find light at the end of the tunnel. The faint and pinkish glow gave them impression that they were just in time for sunset and had little to do left before the evening hours. Through the cavern they stepped up their pace until they approached some shallow cliffs at the mouth of the cave. What they saw on the way out took them completely by surprise.
"What?" Was all Sprinkles could say while Chip gazed with his mouth wide open.
They both
:iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 2 0
Chip + Wendy Stamp by KoopaKid17 Chip + Wendy Stamp :iconkoopakid17:KoopaKid17 9 8


Spike and Pets (COMMISSION) by Awsomejosh13 Spike and Pets (COMMISSION) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 2 2 Patricia Answer 5 by MasterYubel Patricia Answer 5 :iconmasteryubel:MasterYubel 1 0 Thrillseeker Ref by StormBlaze-Pegasus Thrillseeker Ref :iconstormblaze-pegasus:StormBlaze-Pegasus 10 0 Alto Tuner ref by StormBlaze-Pegasus Alto Tuner ref :iconstormblaze-pegasus:StormBlaze-Pegasus 11 0 Commission:  Emerald Mask by AleximusPrime Commission: Emerald Mask :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 44 16 Tina Horse Taking It Off. 3.25.2017. by Virus-20 Tina Horse Taking It Off. 3.25.2017. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 115 0 Mashiella Alligator Tighten Belt. by Virus-20 Mashiella Alligator Tighten Belt. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 77 0 Sumo Luray Giraffe. by Virus-20 Sumo Luray Giraffe. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 81 0 Sumo Alice Mutt. by Virus-20 Sumo Alice Mutt. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 86 0 Sumo Swimsuit Gloria. by Virus-20 Sumo Swimsuit Gloria. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 73 0 Commission:  Ocean Ripple got booty! by AleximusPrime Commission: Ocean Ripple got booty! :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 77 35 Refund Check ref by StormBlaze-Pegasus Refund Check ref :iconstormblaze-pegasus:StormBlaze-Pegasus 14 0 Ruby Shears ref by StormBlaze-Pegasus Ruby Shears ref :iconstormblaze-pegasus:StormBlaze-Pegasus 12 0 Commission - Refund, Ruby and Red by Gutovi Commission - Refund, Ruby and Red :icongutovi:Gutovi 35 10 Bowser Yoshi huggles on the Beach by Bowser2Queen Bowser Yoshi huggles on the Beach :iconbowser2queen:Bowser2Queen 177 142 There is no wrong way to fantasise by DarkDabula There is no wrong way to fantasise :icondarkdabula:DarkDabula 7 5



Excuse him
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Just making a journal to thank everyone who stopped by my page to wish me a happy birthday. :D

So, yes, I'm 25 today. I can't believe how fast the years fly by.


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